Week 13 – Forward Momentum

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After last week, the migraine moved into an abcessed tooth!  Yikes, I hate going to the dentist!  Parts of my DMP are really starting to manifest.  I had two additional people join my organization which met my goal for 4 new sign-ups for the month of Dec.  Wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but in the last hour 2 signed up on New Year’s eve!  Talk about waiting for the last minute!  It was a great feeling to see the manifestation!



Week 12 – A week of Challenge

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This week was an uncomfortable one.  While I have made course corrections, I was blind-sided by a migraine which just didn’t want to let go!  For almost a week, it made it very difficult to be on the computer, do my reading, etc.  My old blueprint really was trying to take up residence again. But in this uncomfortable place, I profoundly recognize how much I am enjoying my ‘new life’ and absolutely have no intention of allowing the old blueprint to take hold no matter how the pressure comes.


Week 11 – Opportunity Abounds!


This past week has been incredible!  One sentence of my DMP is ‘I am confident that I recognize and capitalize on opportunities as they come.’  There has been much opportunity this week!  Two new people joined my organization, one who is experiencing incredible results on our product reducing her insulin intake by 100 units having taken it for only 2 weeks.  Her story is amazing having multiple results for her health issues!

I have attracted a group of people in our company that are not remotely connected to my upline or each other’s uplines and they are graciously helping each other.  A real team!  We are all giving out of what we have, similar to those of us who have found MMA’s in this group and trusting God will bring the increase. It’s a beautiful thing and somewhat liberating to just give without the thought of what do I get out of this.  It’s a step in letting God work out the ‘how’ of what we reap from what we sow.

I have been able to stay in peace and focused on my DMP while replacing those negative thoughts that periodically show up.  There are times when I would think I’m stuck, but then in our next Master Key lesson or, as in last week’s move to the next scroll in the GS, I am right where I’m supposed to be.  Perhaps it’s time to add a new affirmation that ‘I am able to handle all the whirlwind of goodness that is flowing into my life with ease and love.’  This week was almost overwhelmed with wonderful activity from the spiritual to the natural.


Week 10 – Choosing to Persist and Win

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Oh my, what perfect timing to be reading Scroll #3 on persistance!  It was just what I needed to keep focused and on track with some of life’s ‘outside’ forces pricking me like the lance of the picador!  This week has been a time to bear down and continue to replace some of the negative thoughts that have been coming at me fast and furious!  The difference between what the ‘outside’ looks like compared to what’s developed on the ‘inside’ is so incredibly opposite!  Chosing to look at what’s on the ‘inside’ instead of the ‘outside’ has been my challenge this week.  I really missed our weekly webinar this past week, as it always brings fresh and exciting ways to engage in my new life!  I’m so looking forward to this week’s webinar!


Week 9 – Love and Success


I’m a bit late in posting for week 9.  For the week there were lots of activities out of the ordinary being it was Thanksgiving.  The most striking thing for me was the peace I have enjoyed, even in spite of the typical ‘family’ gatherings.  The ability to rise above some provocative statements and just relax and enjoy the fellowship of loved ones.  To respond in love and encourage and uplift each person rather than my old defensive and countering responses of the past.  The changes in me are quiet yet profound.

The one thing that I realized is that while I’m healing, my body was not quite ready to sample some of the holiday favorites and it has taken a week to undo some of the reactions my system had to some of my favorite holiday foods.  While I was being restrained about portion sizes, my system was not yet ready for some of these type of foods.  I was also encouraged to apply the wisdom of affirmations to the intake of foods.

On the business front, new contacts are springing forth and I have a much more relaxed state of mind.  I now recognize that building relationships is part of the equation to the love and success.  I’m not sure how God will provide so that I owe no man anything but love, but I trust that I am attracting the resources to meet the needs.  Having the peace of knowing that all supply is within…what a great place to be!


Wk 8 – Expanding on the Inside


This week has been an interesting week.  I still haven’t managed to make it through a whole day without having to substitute a few thoughts here and there, but the frequency of having to do so has come down dramatically!  For years I’ve had a ‘political addiction’ to knowing what’s going on in politics, but I’ve made it through an entire week without getting my political fix.  I put my ‘signs’ and affirmations on the TV screen and actually made it the entire week without the boob tube!

I think the major accomplishment this week is allowing the presence within (God or Universal) grow and I am realizing that I must be living in the now rather than continuing to look at the future.  I’m sure reading the 2nd Scroll in the present tense added to this revelation. I have healing NOW, I have all supply NOW, I can touch people’s lives NOW and so on.

Last week I was able to record my affirmations using some of Yanni’s music.  Songs like ‘Keys to Imagination,’ ‘Within Attraction (law of attraction?)’ from his Live at the Acropolis album, and ‘To the One Who Knows’ from his album Dare to Dream.   His music brings back precious memories when my daughter was little and I would grab her in my arms and dance around our home with the music blaring! Not to mention the title of his songs seem to go rather well with our course.

The other thing I began to do this week is to develop the vision of seeing myself successfully interacting with other business people.  Some what of a practicing in my mind and holding a vision of this.  Knowing that I need to expand my visions of each of my goals in my DMP.  I began to do this last week and am continuing to develop this daily.

It’s so exciting to know that I am moving into a new life…I still have some cords of the old that have not yet been cut, but I know that it is only a matter of time.


Wk 7 – Two Sides of the Spectrum

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I meant to write this earlier, but had a big interruption in my day.

Let’s start with the amazing results that I have come to realize on the MKMMA journey this week.  On Thursday I realized that I have a solid grasp on one of my PPNs, True Health.  While I am still waiting for the full manifestation, I can ‘feel’ within the completion of this goal.  I have enjoyed significantly less pain and have lost 15 lbs as of this week.  It could be even more, but I didn’t start weighing myself until this week in order to measure it!  This is a direct result of the daily reading of my PPNs and DMPs with the commitment to corresponding action and VISUALIZATION!  I’m so excited to see such results that it gives me even more reason to stay the course!  I can clearly see me physically being what I want to be.  I know now with True Health I will be able to accomplish the rest of my DMP and will continue to press into Liberty!

The mental diet has me a bit concerned as I realize that I may not be recognizing all the negative thoughts that come my way.  The interruption I experienced today was that my daughter was involved in a car accident.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it occurred to me that for some reason, this weekend, I was fearing that she would have a car accident.  At first I thought of it as a premonition, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was a worry/fear.  My heart sank when I realized that I had contributed to this horror that affected my own child.  Do we really realize how powerful our thoughts are?  How do you deal with the guilt of this?  Wow…talk about having to substitute thoughts!  I am thankful for the well-being of my daughter and am looking for an opportunity through this event.  One thing I did notice that was different was my reaction when I arrived at the scene of the accident.  I actually was reacting in ‘love.’  I even got hugs from one of the passengers in the other vehicle.  That would have not happened a month ago!  I would have been my old self, and in the past, my old self would have handled the stressful event with anger, most likely, not to mention a few other ugly traits.

So this week, I have seen stark realities of the power of our thoughts on both sides of the spectrum.  This works!

Now, back to work at ‘right thinking’ and the mental diet!


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